Anonymous sent: Gary had sex with his brother, just thought you should know. You should have break up with him. :(


Um, yeah.

I saw that Red got the same sort of message…

I think you’re right. Thanks for telling me, I guess…


Oh, well s’long as y’don’t mind it.

Of course I do! Yer butt is probably the cutest out there.

Heh, I think I’m blushing… Thanks, Gary. You made my day!

I-I mean, uhh… I really like your, uhm, well… I really like it when you wear your lab coat.

I’m sorry. That’s weird, isn’t it?


It is? Guess I wasn’ thinkin’, eheh. Didn’t think ya’d mind, s’all.

I don’t mind that much, I guess you just surprised me by saying something like that.

… Do you really think I have a cute butt?


Y’don’t mind I think y’got a cute butt, right?

Well, no… But do you have to announce it to everyone? It’s embarrassing…

Anonymous sent: Who's more important? Gary, or your little Pikachu?

That’s just like asking Gary to pick between me ‘n his brother, isn’t it? Gary is extremely important to me, but so is Pikachu. Just in different ways!

Impersonate me in my ask?

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Anonymous sent: Did you like Gary before he confessed or are you just appeasing him because he likes you so much?

No! No, of course not. To be completely honest with you, I never thought much about that kind of stuff before he told me that he liked me more than a friend. I was more focused on training my Pokémon. When he did tell me, it made a lot of sense. I mean, I did think of him a lot, even when we were apart. I’d always ask my mum how Gary was doing, heheh. I guess that I wasn’t aware that the feelings I had for him were stronger than friendship, but I’m really glad that I’m good enough to be by his side.



With Ash’s body pressed up against his own, Gary could feel Ash’s heart beating just as fast and hard as his own, though slightly out of time with his. He loved finally being so close to his old rival, knowing after so long that he certainly wasn’t alone in his feelings. He could feel almost every inch of Ash’s body against his own, and it took every bit of strength he had to try and keep calm. He tried to keep in mind that they were still in public, that their public display of affection and longing was there for all to see. But as Ash pulled away briefly, moving slightly so that their bodies were close enough to nearly be one with one another, Gary disregarded all abandon and let himself be completely taken by Ash’s lips. With the boy’s hands in his hair and at his neck, Gary’s own slipped down to Ash’s waist, pulling him tightly to his own. In all the times he’d imagined it, he’d never thought that they would be kissing one another with such raw passion and he lost himself in the moment, all reservations completely abandoned.

Ash soon became lost in the moment between the two of them, letting his senses take over. It felt intoxicating, making him want more, but he had to keep in mind the fact that they were in a public place with people all around them. Of course, he couldn’t have cared less about that as he continued to kiss Gary fervently, slipping both of his arms down around his neck. He moved his leg in between the other boy’s only to feel a certain something, which made him pull back from the lip lock in surprise. “W-What is…” His eyes widened in realization and he glanced up at Gary, wondering if he’d even noticed himself. “Oh,” he said, smiling up at him knowingly. “Jeez, Gary, I didn’t know that would that to you… Uhhh, do you want to get out of here before someone else besides me notices?” After all, he didn’t want any embarrassment for Gary, though he was positive their kissing had attracted them plenty enough attention.

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Anonymous sent: Do you masturbate and think of Gary?

That’s none of your business! I’ve actually… never done anything like that all, anyway. I never even really thought about kissing someone before I got together with Gary. Heheh.

Anonymous sent: Why are people so obsessed with you and Gary?

I don’t know… I didn’t know that there was people obsessed about the two of us.